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Interaction with Dr. Rajesh Kannan, Fiji Islands.

Dr. Rajesh Kannan is a Senior Faculty Member, School of Engineering & Physics, University of South Pacific, Fiji. He is a Waldorf Parent, who sent his kid (Baby Riya Kannan) to a Waldorf Kindergarten in Suva, Fiji. Presently, Riya is back in India and integrated into a matriculation school near Madurai.

When we discussed the philosophy and methodology of Ingress Junior School with Dr. Rajesh, he was pleasantly surprised and excited that there is a Waldorf inspired school in Trichy!!

The Ingress team invited him for an interaction with our teachers primarily to share his experience as a Waldorf parent in Fiji, to which he happily and readily agreed.

His talk focused on the interesting chemistry in between teacher-kid relationships.  As an advanced level educator himself, it was heartening when he mentioned that the experience as Waldorf parent is most enriching and happiest.

He told us that Baby Riya was always a happy kid since her early years and is still  very strongly bonded with her teachers. The day generally started off with lots of play involved and the teacher was highly hands on in the kindergarten. Understanding basic needs, giving back love, hugs, care and keen attention to students interests were mentioned as the primary reason why Riya bonded well with her school teachers.

Our teachers evinced keen interested in Dr. Rajesh’s talk and desired deeper interaction and they asked appropriate leading questions to understand the details of everyday class well. He patiently explained and shared his experiences with a lot of real world examples primarily based on his own kid. It was a unique experience for our Ingress team to hear from an experienced Waldorf parent.

He also wished success for IJS on our journey as a Waldorf inspired School @ Trichy.

Thanks a lot Dr. A. Rajesh Kannan for wishing & motivating us. We now understand the letter and spirit of your Waldorf experience better and will strive to give the children @ Ingress our very best.

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Mr. Paul Mandaiker’s Visit to Ingress

At the outset, our sincere heartfelt thanks to Ms. Nana Goebel, Managing Director of Waldorf World-wide Education, Berlin, Germany for sharing with us the contact of Mr. Paul Mandaiker.

I had emailed Mr. Paul Mandaiker regarding Ingress Junior School and requested him to pay us a visit.  He was kind enough to accept our invitation & visited us on Friday, Jan 09, 2015. The New Year had just begun and we welcomed the positive vibes of a kind hearted person visiting us, sharing notes on first hand experiences with Waldorf education and inspiring us.

Mr. Paul Mandaiker is an interesting personality with varied interests who is exploring different things in his career – Architecture, International Business, Public relations, Marketing and now its Supply chain. It is a quite an interesting story that we heard.

Mr. Mandaiker visited Ingress and addressed the Ingress teachers, the local trustees stationed in Trichy and the interested parents.  He shared his vivid childhood experiences in the Waldorf education school. His narration of his childhood in the Waldorf School, Tübinger Freie Waldorfschule, Germany was awesome. In particular, he recounted his experience with his Waldorf class teacher teaching Geography with help of compass & map and that was followed by an activity of the students exploring Mt. Alps.  Having the confidence in them to have a real experience that gave them a concrete understanding of the classroom concept was quite refreshing. He told us about the play in which he had acted as “Blue King”. Everything he learned was based on real, fun & practical experiences and it seemed that any student would be motivated to carry those moments as carefully treasured memories throughout their lifetime.

He reinforced that his childhood was totally stress free and he was under no pressure. His accompanying friend said that his questions during participation in class were always thought provoking.  He would always think in through the issues and circumstances from different perspectives & his questions were always very interesting. Mr. Paul had always been encouraged to ask questions even about facts and that was part and parcel of the way of learning as a Waldorf student.

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He also told us a Christmas story upon the request of our teachers.  It was related to Joseph seeing different things and having unique experiences, on the day that “Baby Jesus” was born. As a token of thanks, our teachers presented Mr. Paul, a handmade souvenir.

Mr. Paul is very soft spoken and was smiling throughout his visit. We would certainly like to have him back at Ingress in near future.

Mr. Paul toured the Ingress premises and planted a sapling in our Ingress garden. This sapling is a symbol of the Ingress team nurturing our young students, to help them to grow in their life as happy children and develop strong roots resembling memorable experiences in their childhood.  Let us all see our students grow and flower just like the tree that Mr. Paul planted.

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