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EZ Vidya Chrysalis & Buzzle | Ingress Perspective

We at Ingress firmly believe that if someone does something better than us, we should learn and adopt. Several of us had the privilege of listening to Ms.Chitra Ravi founder of EZ Vidya introduce Chysalis curriculum and the Buzzle technology at their events in Madurai and Bangalore. It was quite fascinating to imagine the potential of her work books and technology. Learning would be a super fun experience for the children if these were put to good use.

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Since Ingress is in its infancy, there is no need for a ‘shift in culture’ and we could adopt this from the get go and all our students could easily be part of this process of learning from inception.

In a nutshell, the children follow work books that focus on the correct grasping of basic curriculum concepts. The books are designed with care so that ‘teacher’s teaching errors’ are side stepped to the greatest degree possible. In addition, there is a technology component that allows curious students to play with a system and click links and learn more and submit projects and interact with others in their classroom and others in their grade possibly all over the world. This will certainly benefit the tech savvy generation of children of today because it is a lot of fun :). Competition is limited not to the class but truly challenges one’s own self. The system allows for the teacher to track progress of the child and the class as a whole with the click of a button.

While this is similar to doing self learning by research using a search engine on the internet, this buzzle tool is invaluable at the junior grades upto middle school because the internet is not a safe place and many parents will not want their children to go online and succumb to predators. Reporting back to the teacher is also an added advantage of the tool.

Now, the dangers of this ‘fun system’ is that they could get addicted and do this all the time. They could learn everything at home and come to the class distracted. They may get impatient if the teacher is teaching lessons that they are already exposed to at home. They may get better than the teacher and think of themselves as super heros.

The benefits of this are that the teacher does not have the stress of keeping the really smart kids of the class satisfied. She can concentrate on the children who truly need her help. As a smart teacher, she will also enlist the help of her quick learners to help the others in the class. So school becomes oriented towards social skills and life skills education environment which is where the Waldorf methodology comes in handy. The teacher’s role changes to that of a person who motivates, who understands the children emotionally, as the one who leads, provides safety, teaches mutual sharing and respect, provides direction on communication, provides encouragement on good behaviour, as one who teaches them teamwork and co-operation, as the one who takes them outdoors to play, as the one who draws parallels between the school environment and the concepts in the books, as the one who encourages them to think outside the box and listens to them patiently as they grasp each concept. Her kindness and firmness will set the tone of good behavior encouraging the students to make careful choices.

Thinking about lesson planning, worrying about what to answer parents if they ask what their children have learnt, what concept to teach and how to teach it becomes less of a worry if we have the Chrysalis work books to lean on. In all, we think it is a great investment in a very well thought out system.

We spoke to other school Principals and they have been using Chrysalis curriculum for the last 3 years. Several of them vouched that they are very satisfied with the company and the level of support they have received including training of the teachers and introducing the workbooks to parents.

There should be no fear in the minds of our readers that by adopting these work books and the buzzle technology that personal interaction among the kids will take a back seat and they will sit with their neck down and start digging their devices from when they are really young. Ingress plans to be a place for vigorous physical activity and the teacher will restrict the time with the device effectively.

Since this curriculum kicks in from KG or when the kids are about 3.5 to 4 years old, we will adopt a bridge program in the interim.

We are all prepared for the thrilling ride ahead using this technology engine and hope to lead our next gen kids on an amazing journey. We are confident that they will be confident learners and at the same time we will strive to keep their natural kindness and innate innocence intact.

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