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The Ingress Song

Live performance

When we started Ingress Junior School at Trichy, we wanted to admit students at two levels – the ones upto 2 years old and the others upto 4 years old. We designed a curriculum that would help them learn and at the same time help them develop life skills in a manner that worked for each child at their own pace.

Among the fun things we do, is circle time. Young children get together and share notes about their families, sing and dance together. As we were planning a song that reflected all these activities, we came up with the idea of an Ingress Anthem reflecting our school, its philosophy and the activities therein.

We first picked a nice, familiar and old Tamil folk tune that was made even more popular by usage in an old movie. Then we wrote the simple words that flowed super easy because it was basically reflecting what we already do.

Then we wanted to set the tune to music and record it. I’m a member of Ingress board and works routinely with a reputed set of musicians – Krishna Prasad on Flute and Pranav Dath on the Rhythm Pads.  I had the opportunity to work with them for a different project and they were all kind enough to spare their valuable time to record the score for Ingress.

One take we did for rehearsal and the next take was final. The recording took all of 10 minutes. But it was nerve racking to push it through simply because we were in the middle of another elaborate big project followed by a live show. In the midst of the recording, we forgot to take pictures of it in Bangalore. :)!  But then, since we work together all the time and share a lot of work time, we have other pictures that should do just fine to see what we each are up to.

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Pranav is part of a band called Swaralayamrutha and is studying college 2nd year in Bangalore. Krishna Prasad comes from an illustrious lineage of court musicians in the Mysore Maharaja’s court and lives and teaches flute in Mysore and tours the US and other parts of the world every year. Subhashini(myself) currently lives and teaches Bharatanatyam dance in Bangalore. Her school is called “From Within” and has a presence in Seattle, San Diego, St. Louis and Berkley in the US, Burnaby in Vancouver Canada, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore in India. She is the singer of the Anthem and also serves on the board of Ingress.

Enjoy the song and hum it with your kids!!  And do share your feedback/ thoughts on it!

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