About Us

Ingress Junior School is a playschool initiative of Empowered Educational Trust and provides a high quality, unique, platform for learning to every child stepping in. Here the child feels, visualizes, hears, smells, tastes and enjoys today’s most enticing environment – “Nature” – and we believe this is what really nurtures the real learning in a child. Every child has a unique way of approaching the concepts of life. Ingress focusses on the experience provided to every child so that they undergo a smooth learning process.  We aim to create correct and pleasant connections of each child with each subject so that there is no fear or inhibition in their minds in future.  This strong foundation, we strong believe, will position them as confident individuals ready to take on more in the future as they step in the real world as leaders in their chosen fields of work.

A child’s brain learns concepts through simple and natural ways at Ingress. Here we make a child’s sensory system experience the subject and matter in several different ways that makes the learning process natural and fun. The methodology of education is exclusive and tailored to the individual child’s inherent need. Qualitative and Quantitative education is assured at Ingress.

Adopting the Waldorf Methodology advocated by Rudolf Steiner, the school hopes to provide an enriching curriculum and environment for the children and make a real difference in them as well as their families.  What makes this school special is that it uses the latest educational aides to benefit its students but does so with a strong link to its local environment and adapts principles that make the most sense for kids in India.

Our wholehearted thanks to Ms. Nana Goebel, Managing Director, Waldorf Worldwide,  der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners e.v, Berlin, for her motivating words and valuable strategy for our steady and sustainable growth.