Ingress Tree

A child is naturally inclined to explore his or her world to satisfy their own inner curiosity thereby naturally learning, evolving, remembering leading to development of the brain and the mind’s critical thinking process.  His or her desire for social interaction including smiles and eye gazing invites the speaker to commence communication. The small movements of the hands and feet soon lead to confident movement to help them explore the vastly interesting world around them. Everything is new and exciting, so naturally it must be explored, examined, petted, and, of course, tasted. Play is the key for successful learning in early childhood. Structured and unstructured play initiated by the child builds their personality and self confidence.

The VOTKA – Our approach is to catalyze the curious, real learner in every child using the “VOTKA” method – Visual, Oral, Tactile, Kinesthetic and Auditory. We want to provide them with an enriched environment that provides a fun experience through all senses so they can explore freely and express themselves.  Every child is a unique learner and has their own strengths. Hence, we have specifically designed this multi-sensorial program to meet the needs of our tiny tots to become independent inquisitive learners and to develop their innate desire for learning and knowledge.  This quality in itself is widely accepted as a sure fire means of success for leaders in the real world in any field.

Adopting the Waldorf Methodology advocated by Rudolf Steiner, the school hopes to provide an enriching curriculum and environment for the children. In early years Waldorf Pedagogy  focuses on providing practical, hands-on activities and environments that encourage creative play. The approach stresses the role of the imagination in learning and places a strong value on integrating intellectual, practical, and artistic activities across the curriculum.