Junior 1

As new parents, your toddler is the most precious.  Nevertheless, providing a safe nourishing stimulating environment where they can freely explore and play and socialize even for a few hours a day, helps.  It not only provides the new mom with a few hours of much needed rest and time to finish her chores but also, the kid feels happy to be away and learn a few things with others outside home.  For now, gross motor development outpaces fine-motor development, but that’s only because a typical toddler doesn’t want to sit still long enough to do many activities that require significant dexterity.  We have a team of staff who will patiently help each child develop according to his or her own ability.

Some areas of our developmental focus are:

Gross motor

  • Walking backward, sideways
  • Stiff running
  • Jumping on floor/ off steps
  • Climbing with support

Fine Motor Skills

  • Imitation : finger plays
  • Grasp and manipulation: picking and placing, tearing
  • Visual motor : scribbling


  • Self regulation and responsibility
  • Self defense
  • Self help skills
    • Self feeding: use spoon, drink in glass
    • Toileting
  • Self concept
    • Self recognition
    • Emotional expression


  • Interpersonal skills
  • Initiating, Sharing and turn taking

Cognitive skill development

Visual perception

  • Blocks and single piece puzzles
  • Symbolic play
  • Experimenting unfamiliar objects and role play
  • Reasoning and problem solving
  • Request to help
  • Replacing things

Attention and memory

  • Visual and spatial: recognise missing things, identification of own belongings
  • Auditory : matching /identification on naming, anticipating or humming part of rhymes


  • Naming most of the common objects
  • Meaningful Use of “no”
  • 15 or more words in repertoire


  • Concept of more/less, many/few


  • Use 2-3 words in sentence along with gestures