Junior 2

Before age 2, children typically believe that when adults read them a story, they are reading the pictures in the book, says Laurie LeComer, author of A Parent’s Guide to Developmental Delays (Perigee). They have little or no understanding of letters, words, and sentences. Sometime between the ages of 2 and 3, children start to understand that the story is actually coming from the words, not the pictures. Pre-reading skills include developing an interest in books, an increasing vocabulary, and learning that each letter has a different sound.  Closer to age 3, they may be able to start writing.  They are most social and will want to play with friends.

Some areas of our developmental focus are:

Gross motor skills

  • Tip toe walking
  • Walks up stairs
  • Jump over hurdle
  • Avoid obstacles on their way

Fine Motor Skills

  • Imitation : postures or actions
  • Grasp and manipulation: picking small objects ad placing in limited space
  • Visual motor : imitate horizontal strokes and copy circles And Pretend to write


  • Self regulation and responsibility
  • Self comfort
  • Avoid common dangers
  • Self Concept
    • Recognize gender
    • Recognize limitations
    • Emotional expression
  • Self help skills
    • Self feeding: use spoon and drink in glass, pouring
    • Dressing: put on clothes and removal of clothes and shoes
    • Toileting: indication of the need


  • Collaborative work with peers
  • Expression of affection and regret

Cognitive skill development

Attention and memory

  • Visual and spatial : recognize familiar signs, identification of an object in a group
  • Auditory : repeating and memorising rhymes

Visual perception

  • Matching and sorting
  • Symbolic play
  • Interactive and fantasy play
  • Reasoning and problem solving
  • Independent exploration


  • Identify common verbs, nouns
  • A minimum of 50 words in repertoire


  • Concept of how much/many?
  • Recites numbers in correct sequence upto 10


  • Use 3-4 words in sentence. Use names of colours and shapes (at least 5) to describe an object