Junior 3

Your toddler is learning to talk and he or she is eager to understand. Your toddler asks “why” for a lot of reasons. Sometimes he wants an explanation. Sometimes he doesn’t know any other words to express his curiosity about something. Sometimes he’s just pleased he’s asked a question that gets a lengthy answer. When you’re reading to your toddler, he’ll be able to point out, say, all the cats or all the balloons on a page. He’ll be able to think about these things because he’s seen them in the real world. Exposure to the ‘real world’ including a walk to and from a school where he spends a few hours in the company of others, outside in the garden growing things and in the playground. This brings a safe, fun and active lifestyle to the joy of our toddler.

At Ingress, we will include the following areas of development for this program:

Gross motor skills:

  • Skips, hops and  gallops

Fine motor Skills:

  • Imitation : Complex motor activities in rhymes or songs
  • Grasp and manipulation: make simple forms with clay
  • Pencil grasp with fingers in tripod position
  • Visual motor : Copies basic geometrical shapes- circle, square and draws a person with head and at least one feature

Personal and Social

  • Self regulation and responsibility
  • Follows commands from adults
  • Recognizes what to do and what not to

Interpersonal skills

  • Peer group interaction and imaginative play
  • Listen and discuss ideas and observation with peers

Self concept

  • Expression of own feelings
  • Functions of body parts
  • Self help skills
  • Self feeding: use of spoon and fork.
  • Eating without spilling


Attention and memory 

  • Visual and spatial : names objects in its presence and absence
    • Can describe the visible characteristics of common objects
  • Auditory: Sings complete rhymes of 10-15 lines
    • Recalls one or two unfamiliar  elements from a story or conversation

Visual perception 

  • matches and identifies basic geometrical shapes, letters of alphabets, and numbers from 0-9

Symbolic play

  • Self commenting during playing
  • Role play with puppets and other toys

Reasoning and problem solving

  • Can explain the use of common items
  • Identifies something wrong or absurd in pictures or real life.


  • Exploring meanings of new words
  • Labels colours
  • Pairing rhyming words


  • Counts upto 10 objects


  • Understand and use prepositions, directional and other basic descriptive terms